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Students from St Scholastica’s College participating in a gallery exploration
13 Dec 2012
Art and Learning Outside the Classroom

Welcome to ArtsCareer’s December Enews!


In light of recent controversy over funding cuts to Arts Education in public institutions we’re looking at how arts education occurs outside of classrooms...

Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy The Body is a Big Place (2011) Video still
12 Oct 2012
Artist Residencies

Welcome to our October eNews!

In this issue we’re looking at artist residencies - the benefits, the challenges and what to look out for. We speak to artists from each art form about their experiences and get their...

08 Aug 2012
Establishing your arts practice overseas

Welcome to our August eNews!

As the title suggests, in this issue we’re looking at the challenges of establishing a career overseas. Three artists who’ve done just that talk to us about their experiences and...

Kenzie Larsen and James Brown, ‘Synchresis’, 2005
05 Jun 2012
Arts Education Special

Welcome to ArtsCareer’s June enews. In this issue we’re looking at how art teachers are using web technologies in the classroom. Plus keep scrolling for our list of top online resources for online teaching. And to...

Courtney Coombs, 'Push/Pull', 2010
22 May 2012
Arts career changes


08 Feb 2012
Happy New Year and welcome to the first ArtsCareer eNews of 2012!

In our last eNews we asked you to tell us the marketing topic you wanted to know more about and overwhelmingly, you voted for more information on setting up a...

The crowd at The Nauru Elegies: DJ Spooky performance
14 Dec 2011
Welcome to the 5th and final ArtsCareer eNews for 2011!

Although it’s almost time to start hanging up your stockings, check out this bumper packed eNews on crowdfunding - it might just get the cash flowing after all...

Photo: Pam Kleemann
14 Sep 2011
Welcome to the 4th ArtsCareer eNews!

This issue is all about setting yourself up in business. If you’re looking to...

ArtsCareer Grant Tips Image
13 Jul 2011

Welcome to the 3rd ArtsCareer eNews! ...

Social media logos
11 May 2011
In this issue:

Welcome to the 2nd ArtsCareer eNews! This issue looks at how Social Media can be used in professional development. We talk to social media expert Emily Doig about...