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2013 Incubator residency program

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- 31 Aug 2012 | National | Organisation/Program
31 Aug 2012 | ArtsCareer Coordinator

Vitalstatistix is currently seeking proposals for our 2013 Incubator residency program. Applications are sought from professional artists and creative teams seeking to develop new performance, live art or interdisciplinary art works.


Incubator residencies support the creative development and presentation of new work through partnerships with independent artists. The residencies provide a highly sought after opportunity for creative development in a supportive producing environment.


Incubator residencies are usually offered to artistic projects that are in the early stages of their creative development. Beyond the actual residency, selected artists enter into a producing relationship with Vitals with the expectation that the work will be developed for public presentation in our artistic program within approximately two years. Selected artists usually bring resources to the table and are supported by Vitals to apply for funding and presentation opportunities.


Current and previous Incubator residents include Gaelle Mellis (Take Up Thy Bed and Walk), Torque Show (Farrugia), Gabrielle Griffin (Pie), Brown Council (A Comedy), The Misery Children (Ruby Bruise) and Emma Beech (Saskia Falls).


We recommend applicants check out the company’s website and recent history ( The types of works Vitals has produced in recent years include devised theatre, live art, site-specific works, endurance events, dance theatre, documentary and verbatim theatre, puppetry and installation-based work.


We are interested in projects that explore ideas, real life, politics and histories, as well as audience relationships and art form development.

This call for proposals is open to artists from across Australia. Applications are due by Friday 31st August.