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The Emerging Writer - call for submissions

Literature | Writers | Connections
- 24 Aug 2012 | National | Organisation/Program
24 Aug 2012 | ArtsCareer Coordinator

What do we want these submissions for?
The Emerging Writers’ Festival is excited to once again be publishing The Emerging Writer, an annual periodical about writing for writers. Born out of the festival, The Emerging Writer shares its spirit and mission – to help writers connect, forge careers, and, of course, write. It’s a writing resource, a guide – think how-to but then forget about dry step-by-step instructions or formulaic writing exercises. We want to know how you deal with the trials or tribulations of being a writer. Imagine you’re offering a friend some advice – you’ll want to be informative and authoritative, sure, but you’ll also want to engaging, funny and honest.


What are we looking for exactly?
We’re looking for all sorts of writers – so whether you’re writing literary fiction, comics, rejection letters, translations, smartphone apps, cookbooks, poetry, parliamentary speeches, Mills & Boon, advertising copy or real estate listings, you have valuable experience to share. We’re particularly looking for contributions from outside Melbourne, and from non-urban areas. We’re also looking for writers who might not consider themselves ‘literary’ – whether that be writing for a trade publication or in niche and genre forms.


What’s in it for me?
As with this year, the product will be launched in spectacular fashion during the Emerging Writers’ Festival in 2013. Oh yeah, we also pay, and our cheques are always in the mail on time!


How do I submit?
Submissions are for proposed work, so please don’t send completed pieces. If you’ve written the piece already, please send the pitch in the form of an abstract or prĂ©cis. Finished works should aim to be between 500 and 2000 words.


Email AndrĂ© Dao at: and tell me what you want to write about. We’ll accept pitches until 24 August 2012 but you should get in early.