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Opportunity to travel with a small education group to the Lower Himalayas

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13 Jun 2012 - 31 Dec 2012 | International | Course/Workshop/Event
Achieve thru Art, Himalayas
31 Dec 2012 | AEA

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing to invite you to join an amazing international education voluntourism program.
Last year in the September school holidays, I participated in a volunteer project with the Growing Through Education Foundation. I became involved because of their support and connection with the new Achieve Thru Art program in Australia. The key sponsor of that on-line art program is Jet Airways (an Indian airline that code-shares with Qantas). It is this airline along with the Foundation that is offering a similar trip this September and I encourage you to participate.
Last year I worked with a small group of teachers and friends on art education projects in two communities in remote valleys the lower Himalayas, NE India.
We were welcomed by local villagers, teachers and students, visited temples, saw innumerable waterfalls and enjoyed beautiful vistas, including dawn over the snow-capped Himalayas! I found this to be a very rewarding experience and one that I will remember for years to come. This is the trip of a lifetime. The teachers there are keen for us to return and have invited a group of teachers to demonstrate our art teaching practices and deliver fairly informal professional learning opportunities.
I am sure that if you join one of this year's groups, you will find that working, chatting and eating with these villagers and students, experiencing their culture, will be one experience that will stay with you forever.
The Growing Through Education Foundation (GTEF) uses 100% of all donations, sponsorships and gifts to provide financial and practical assistance to schools and communities with specific development needs. This year there will be three separate groups of approximately 12 volunteers travelling to the North East Himalayan Region of India.
The volunteer groups for 2012 are:
-  Teachers Helping Teachers group – will focus on teaching teachers new skills in the classroom. The group will decide on topics to focus on based on experiences and learning areas.  
Adventure Trekkers group – this group will focus on an environmental theme to help remote communities look at different ways to grow nutritious foods all year round. This group is focused at the young at heart with exciting treks and interactive programs planned.
Health and Wellbeing group – this group will focus on first aid and nutrition teaching representatives in local communities essentials to living healthier lives so that they can continue to teach their communities for years to come.
Visit for further information about the Growing Through Education Foundation and express your interest today.
Or if you have any particular questions, call me on 03 9349 5188.