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Parramatta Artists Studios

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- 30 Aug 2012 | NSW | Facilities/Equipment
30 Aug 2012 | ArtsCareer Coordinator

Applications are now open for studios at Parramatta Artists Studios. Applications are due 4:30pm Thursday 30 August 2012.


What studios are available and for how long?
Non-Residential Studios
Two studios will be available for ‘long term’ tenure of 2 years for established Parramatta or Western Sydney artists whose contribution to the arts would be greatly enhanced by access to long term studio space. These artists would be expected to provide leadership in terms of professional development, workshops, public engagement and collaborative projects.

Ten studios are expected to be available to practicing artists for tenures of 6-12 months.


Residential Studio
One residential studio is available for an interstate or international artist for a period of 3 months.

Floor plans available on request.


How much do they cost?
Cost: Studios range in cost subsidised rates ranging from $25 to $100 per week.