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Young People and the Arts Australia Blueprint Groups

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22 Feb 2012 - 16 Oct 2012 | National | Course/Workshop/Event
16 Oct 2012 | ArtsCareer Coordinator

Blueprint Groups are discussion groups of practitioners from around Australia on specific topics of interest. The benefits of these Blueprint groups are to cohesively unite like-minded practitioners associated by practice rather than office location to network nationally, to share their experiences, to support each other, and to make positive change.

This idea emerged from practitioner’s constant request to meet with other practitioners. This new version of networking which is nationally focused and cross art form is adventurous and exciting for YPAA and the sector. People no longer need to be in the same city to network, they can utilise technology and communication systems to retain relationships and engage in generating new ideas for making theatre and creative processes for their audiences and participants.

The Blueprint Groups in 2012 are:

Professional creators, producers and presenters of work for children and young people
Suitable for: Artistic Directors, General Managers, Producers, Programmers etc.
Dates: 22 Feb, 1 May, 19 Sept

Professionals Working with children and young people
Suitable for: Artistic Directors, General Managers, Independent Artists, Local Government etc.
Dates: 23 Feb, 2 May, 20 Sept

Young and Emerging Artists
Suitable for: students, young and emerging artists and arts workers aged 30 years and under, or older and more experienced people who are interested in creating new links with young and emerging artists and arts workers.
Dates: 27 Feb, 14 May, 26 Sept

Arts Education
Suitable for: Teachers, Principals, Programmers, Artists etc.
Dates: 28 Feb, 15 May, 27 Sept

Discussion points within the specific topics are moulded by the participants of each group.

Join a Group
Please register with Imogene Shields at to join any/all of these groups for 2012. Members will also be emailed reminders to join any of these conversations.

You must be a financial member of YPAA to participate in these groups. A landline is recommended for the purpose of this teleconference to avoid all costs at your end.

New Groups
If you would like to discuss beginning a new Blueprint group on a specific topic, contact Director, Jim Lawson at for consideration.


For more information on each of the groups click on the link below.